HQ Trivia Bot
HQ Trivia Bot

This bot is easy to use and there is relatively no setup. In less than 2 minutes the HQ Bot will be connected to your HQ Trivia App and you winning the game in no time!

The largest sum of money our bot has won is $66.42 for each of our 53 active users at the time!
Other similar bots have a much higher fail rate per quesiton.

It is simply the best free HQ Trivia Bot on the market right now. We currently only have 300 active daily users, buy treat this as a bonus while you can, as the less users using the tool means less people to split the big prizes!

You will be amazed at how quickly our bot finds the correct answers giving you a massive advantage over the rest of the players.

While doing our tests before launching, we won two games in a row, and we knew we had created something special.

The tool uses the HQ Trivia API to directly extract the questions and then runs our systems search algortihms for the search query which will find you the correct answers faster than you can say TRIVIA!

HQ Trivia is one of the hottest apps of 2019 and is reinventing what game shows look like in the 21st century. We just want to give users an extra boost to win!


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