HQ Trivia Bot
HQ Trivia Bot

Our HQ Trivia bot is easy to use with relatively no setup on all devices. In less than 2 minutes our HQT Bot will be connected to your HQ Trivia App and you beating the game in no time!

Where our bot succeeds compared to others alike, is that we have the highest win amounts per game. The largest sum of money our bot has won is $36.42 for each of our 36 active users using our app at the time.

It is simply the best free HQ Trivia Bot on the market right now. We currently have 300 active daily users, which makes it a nice win to split among our users!

Our bot starts searching for the answer from HQ Trivias API as soon as the question is released. This means our bot has plenty of time to search for the correct answers using our tailored custom script that we are constantly updating.

After directly extracting the questions from HQ Trivia our system runs the search algortihm to find the correct answers faster than you can say trivia!

HQ Trivia is one of the hottest apps of 2019 and is reinventing what game shows look like in the 21st century. All we want to do is give our users an extra boost to win big!


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